Frequently asked questions

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    Can I directly register my child online?


    Two steps are needed to enroll your child. First, the program coordinator has to interview your child either online or in person to determine if our programs are a good fit. Second, we have to review expectations, terms, and agreements with the parent to approve enrollment.
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    Does your program have age requirements?


    Generally we accept students between 7th ~ 12th graders, but there is flexibility. Children’s maturity levels are not determined by age alone. For example, a 17-year-old boy may be mischievous while a 12-year-old girl may be mature enough to instruct fellow team members. Therefore, knowing the child before we enroll him or her is critical to a successful experience.
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    Will my child be insured while participating in the program?


    Yes, your child is covered by travel insurance that covers medical expenses up to one million US Dollars.
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    How safe is your program?


    Students’ safety is always our number one priority. All students are supervised by adult team members 24/7.
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    How big is the group?


    We keep the ratio of students to adult team member about 5:1. We provide individualized attention to each student.
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    Can you book flights for us?


    Yes, but we encourage you to compare the flight fares between different travel agencies in order to get the best deal.
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    What kinds of activities will my student take part in?


    Each AAP has a meaningful theme and passion-driven goal which guide the activities and objectives of the program. For instance, at Silk Road Humanities Program, our students will be teaching academics in charity organizations. In addition, they will engage in local activities such as interacting with Islamic vendors, being the guest of a Uyghur family, riding camels and horses, and more.
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    Does being part of your program make college applications stand out?


    Certainly! Our goal is to take the students to build awesome out-of-school experiences that are pertinent to their future fields of study. In fact, if the work is done well, the student may earn recognition, letter of recommendation and more from domestic/overseas organizations. The one-of-a-kind experience also serves as an interesting college application essay topic.
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    Can parents also take part in the experience?


    Parents have the right to go wherever their student does, but adults cannot take part in student activities. Also, we do not encourage parents to come because students are then not able to experience independence and peer teamwork.
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    How do you price your programs? Do you outsource our kids to travel agents?


    Our tuition is reasonably priced for the best experience possible (security, comfort, transportation, teachers, etc.) without outsourcing to outside agents. Our instructors and students will go hand in hand to any destinations. Tuition depends on the program chosen and when enrollment occurs. Please contact the center to learn more.

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